Newly added Project: One day

I am a friend of this young couple, Jianpeng and Wuxia for years. In November 2014, the young couple just had their baby boy, Yiyi. This new arrivalbaby brought the family tons of excitement and joy. On February 13, 2015, Ispent a day with them, recording how they take care about Yiyi.

While simply observing how the couple spent a day, I start to thinkabout "what had made them today"? The question become moreinteresting as I later realize even one day, and probably each day in our lifeare actually built up from many days from the past. 

So I start this project on collecting traces of this young couple’spast in understanding what had made their February 13, 2015(date ofphotograph), which can be understood as merely one day snapshot in their life. 

This project comprises 2 parts: the first part I was simplydocumenting how this young couple taking care of their little boy on February13, 2015. And the second part I was presenting the materials I collected aboutthe couple at various time points in an interweaving manner.

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